Trying Us Out?!

We Would Love Your You To Try5

We feel like you don't really get to understand the culture and atmosphere of a church after a single visit, so if you plan a visit we would like to challenge you to give us atleast 5 "trys" before you make the desicion on whether we are or are not your new church home!

Plan a Visit
Here Are Some Things For You To Keep In Mind!




When We Meet

We get together every Sunday at 10:30am!

What to Wear

We want you to wear what you are comfortable in, jeans, shorts, a suit, a dress whatever, because the clothes part isn't important to us. We only care that you wear some, because it would be weird if you didn't.

When You Get Here

You will be greeted by people as soon as you pull in to the parking lot. As you walk in the building we will have someone with a smiling face to greet you and show you around. We know how it is to go somewhere for the first time and not know anyone. It can be intimidating but don't worry you will feel right at home here.

While You're Here

You are going to hear about the hope of the world, Jesus Christ. In a world where it seems like hope is lost, we want to tell you all about true hope. We teach through books of the bible showing you how relevant it is to your everyday situations and how you can actually use it in your life. We will have a band lead us in music designed to prepare your heart to hear the greatest message this world has ever heard.

If You Have Kids

First, we want to make sure they are safe so we check everyone in and have security in our CityKids every week. Your kids from 5th grade down have their own awesome service. They will be hearing the same story you are, just in a context relevant to their age group. They will sing, play games hear about the hope of the world who is Jesus and have a blast while doing it.