Who We Are
What We Believe
We believe that God is God. In a world where many people try to explain God away, and try to replace Him with things He created, we believe there is no other god worth following.  Many have tried to take His place, but we believe there is only one true God.

We believe that He made the world and everything in it, including Adam and Eve, the first humans. They were created in His image and likeness and they were perfect. We also believe that He was very clear in telling them they could do anything they wanted to do except for one thing, which they chose to do. We believe they were in the presence of the perfect holy God and in perfect unity with Him. Even in light of that, they thought it would be a good idea to listen to a snake rather than their perfect creator.

The result was it fractured their relationship with God and also affected all of human history. There was a curse of sin put on all of mankind from that moment forward and therefore we were in need of a savior from that day forward. Here is the thing that still blows our mind today, God still wants something to do with us after that event that changed the world forever! Many people think God is a mean gray haired old guy who throws lightning bolts at people when they mess up, that could not be farther from the truth.

The bible records that Adam and Eve hid themselves from God because they were naked and ashamed. Now, if you will be honest with yourself, when someone hurts you or I we want them to pay for what they did, and maybe suffer a little bit. God could have and should have let Adam and Eve sit in their shame and nakedness for a while and "think about what they have done". Instead the bible says God made clothes for them to cover their shame. WOW, that's amazing. It shows a little different picture of God than most people think, doesn't it?

That's not even the greatest news. God knew that humanity needed a savior that would have to be perfect(the only acceptable sacrifices were perfect unblemished animals) and willing to remedy the brokenness in the world. His name is Jesus and He is Gods son. As a co equal with God the father and God the Holy Spirit, Jesus came into human history and made right what could never be fixed by us! He came and was murdered for us. Jesus willingly laid down His life as a perfect and willing sacrifice to pay the debt to God for our sin. We call what Jesus did the gospel.

So here it is, the greatest news you will ever hear. The gospel - Jesus came to earth, died a brutal death on an execution stake called a cross, and came back to life three days later! He died for the sin of the world and makes salvation possible through his resurrection!

The significance of this is that Jesus paid the debt of sin and shame for us, making it possible to be made right in Gods sight , and it costs you nothing to receive it. I know, it doesn't make sense. It doesn't cost you anything to have faith in Jesus, to receive salvation. Salvation is easy, the next 50 years is hard. I'll explain this a little more in a minute. The beauty of the gospel is grace, an underserved favor given to a person. Here is how it works, Jesus gives the opportunity to all who believe to have a relationship with God through Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The bible says no one comes to the Father except through Jesus, and we believe this. This is why we don't agree with the statements that say "all roads and religions lead to heaven" or "all churches are the same, we are all on the same team". All roads do not lead to heaven. There is only one way to see heaven, and that is to humble yourself before Jesus and tell Him you know you have done bad things against Him(sin) and that you believe He died on the cross for you and rose three days later and that you want to ask Him into your heart to save you. That is the only way, period. All churches are not the same and we are not all on the same team. We ONLY preach and teach Jesus and truth from the bible. If another church teaches and believes in this way, then yes we are on the same team. The ones who do not teach that Jesus is the only way are called cults and we are not on their team.

We don't apologize for only believing in Jesus for salvation, because the bible says its the only way, and we have witnessed the saving power of Jesus in our own lives. So if you are a person who has tried everything and is still empty, or laughs at the thought of a "one true God" can I ask you just to be honest with yourself and ask why you feel this way? Investigate the claims about Jesus. Examine the abundant historical and scientific evidence of His existence and be honest with yourself at the answers you reveal. Allow God to move on your heart and show you what truth is.

Receiving Jesus will cost you nothing, but truly following Him may cost you everything, and its worth it! True followers of Jesus actually follow Jesus. Many people claim to be Christians and never live like Jesus and can't tell you anything about who He is or what He did for them. We know from the bible that true followers of Jesus live missional lives, telling other people about the amazing things Jesus did for them. There is something different about them and you can tell. That is because the bible says they are a new person!