When Covid came into this world, it affected everything.  One of those effects was a vast majority of people felt the weight of seclusion and lonliness on thier lives.  The people of the (Big C) Church weren't immune to these feelings.  CityLife Church is not immune to them either.  In response to trends, globally, nationally and locally, we believed that we needed to pivot, in a few ways and change how we lived life together as a church body. One of those ways was to combine our 2 individual services (9:15 and 11 AM) into a single service at 10:30 AM.  Our goals for the change are to promote and improve our Community, Unity, Care and Worship. 


Now, more than ever, after we have lived a year of our life through video chats and behind glass windows,  need to foster an environment of community and support.  We are making intentional efforts help you form organic relationships through events and initiatives.


Unity is in short supply, in the current politcal, social and economic environment of the world, and more specifiaclly our country.  We removed what was literally keeping all of our church family from being in community, the physical and relational divide of having 2 seperate churches.  The church is somewhere to look past petty online debates about who's opinion is superior and come together in the biggest commonality, JESUS!


Because of the year+ of minimal social interactions, we are feeling pain and our of the routine of being there for one another is out of practice, or we can find it hard to push through our personal pain to help support someone else in their own.  In additional to combining our services into one to cultivate relationships we created a infrastructure for everyone to know who is and will be there for them in a time of need.